Know Your Status in 30 minutes: Sex Positive Delivers a Diagnostic for Home Use

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What happens when you need to get screened for sexually transmitted infections? Whether you have symptoms or are getting screened between partners, it requires waiting at the clinic and a week of waiting for your phone to ring for results. This waiting is stressful no matter who you are. Relationships change quickly and with Chlamydia and Gonorrhea on the rise globally, people need tools to know their status fast. 

Sex Positive has designed a tool that takes the full laboratory process for diagnosis and puts it into a pen. We chose to focus on sexually transmitted diseases for a couple of reasons. First, we are building a consumer product. Unless you are a healthcare professional, it is unlikely that you know many diseases by name. If you went to public school, you had a chance to learn about sexually transmitted diseases in health class., you learned how they are caught, and where they can live on the body. Secondly, unlike other pathogens, STDs are associated with sex and personal sexual behavior remains a taboo subject. This is the cause of projected stigma, felt shame, and steady rate of under-diagnosis. When you need to be tested or elect to be screened, you are silently admitting to sexual behavior, and sexual behavior that is not the Puritan sort. We want to allow you to keep your privates private, but still take care of your health. You should have all the tools to make testing comfortable, so there are no excuses when it comes to you taking care of you. This is more important than it ever was, since the bacteria that cause STDs are the most prevalent and the most contagious infectious diseases diagnosed.

Sex Positive received 100k from RebelBio, the primary funder of female founders and coordinator of venture-backed  biotech accelerator program. There, the lean team of Sex Positive used their expertise in design, hardware, and molecular biology to build an integrated prototype. They plan their market release in Q3 2019 once they have passed regulations that show the government that their design is reliable. Until then, look for helpful articles on sexual health and communication as well as tools and services that help you #StayPositiveTestNegative on their social media accounts and website.