Our Vision for Decentralized Health


Many of you know us as the STD diagnostic company. We are building something that can do much more than that. We are building consumer hardware that can detect anything with DNA, any life. This is because we use technology that mirrors the machinery that life uses to make itself. To target specific form of life, plant, animal, or in our case bacteria, we make specific DNA probes that match the DNA of the desired target organism. When there is a match, a chemical reaction occurs. This is what our hardware detects: the chemical reaction. We envision a future that all common bacterial infections could be diagnosed at home rapidly by the consumer, saving time and preventing the spread of disease that does not require intimacy to spread.

We first wanted to focus on sexually transmitted diseases because, unlike other pathogens, STDs are associated with sex and personal sexual behavior remains a taboo subject. This is the cause of projected stigma, felt shame, and steady rate of under-diagnosis. When someone needs to be tested or elects to be screened, they are silently admitting to sexual behavior, and sexual behavior that is not the Puritan sort. We wanted to allow people to keep their privates private, but still take care of their health. In addition, the bacteria that cause STDs are the most prevalent and the most contagious infectious disease diagnosed.

MRSA, strep throat, and pneumonia can also be caught by being intimate with someone carrying the bug and they pose serious health risks. While these infections do not carry the same social burden, there are issues in getting to the right diagnosis, both logistically and technically. Logistically to get treatment for these infections requires going to see a healthcare professional, just as it is for STDs. Many people are either to ill feeling to make it to the clinic when there is a health concern. Some are not able to get to a clinic because of time conflicts or geographic location. Maybe this explains why 33% turn to the internet to diagnose themselves. On the technical side, strep throat and pneumonia have similar symptoms to many other infections. To have the fastest recovery, requires an accurate diagnosis. For clinicians, they are pressed to see many patients and deliver a plan for the least amount of money. Hence, most healthcare professionals use basic heuristics that take into account what illnesses they have recently seen that week in the clinic and obvious symptoms to narrow down the cause of a patients malaise. Unfortunately, this leads to misdiagnoses of viral infections as bacterial infections or a rare infections as something common. Since each bacteria has its own unique DNA regions, our device would allow clinicians or the home user to get to rapid unequivocal diagnosis without guessing.

This is the future we can build with our consumer hardware. For anyone with children, our consumer hardware would bring peace of mind for parents, eager to know what ails their sick child. We could expect fast rapid diagnosis that could assist healthcare professionals in making the most accurate DNA based diagnoses. For highly contagious infections, requiring a person to go to a central location with other health compromised people seems like a recipe for a serious outbreak. Our consumer hardware will allow people to keep requested with their sickness, keeping the public safe, and themselves comfortable while still getting diagnosed and treated. Wouldn’t it be great if you had a rapid test that could tell if your kid had strep throat or not? Wouldn’t t be great to get a test dropped off by Amazon Prime then your prescription the very next day without ever having to leave your bed to go to a clinic?

When we talk to investors, hospital administrators, and colleagues they see a new future for personal health. We are making a future where diagnosis for common bacterial infections is decentralized so that we all benefit from personal comfort and ending the centralization of disease.

Where are we in our process? Do you want updates? Suggestions on infections to target? We want to hear from you! https://sex-positive.net/contact