Sex Positive

At-home diagnostics for Sexually Transmitted Infections

stay positive + test negative



At Sex Positive, our goal is to provide simple diagnostics for STIs. We're empowering you to test yourself and know your results 30 minute, anytime, anywhere.

Sexual health testing doesn't need to be expensive, time consuming, or shameful. It should be just as simple as the pregnancy test, where you can test yourself on your time in your own privacy or with your partner.

Its your body. Its about time you had the tools to keep yourself informed where you want and when you want.

Stay positive, test negative.


We're taking STI tests out of hospital labs and bringing them into the home where you feel safe and at ease. We've built an elegant device that liberates testing from a fluorescent hospital room, and brings them into your safe space. There's no need for a clinic or waiting room or to feel anxious for a week before seeing your results. Instead, know your results in less than an hour with the same confidence as lab diagnostics.

Take control of your own sexual health. We just make the tools that enable you to.